• Get ready for a totally new way of smoking your fish, meats, poultry, wild game and vegetables. Grand Cru Wine Barrel Smokers "cool smoke" without over cooking or drying your food like other smokers.

  • Smoked fish will come out of your Wine Barrel Smoker with a sushi-like texture instead of dry and crumbly.
    Give steaks and roasts a rich smoky flavor with a hint of wine from the barrel — then cook them to the amount of doneness determined by you - not the smoker.
  • Perfect for hunters and fishermen.
  • No danger of smoker catching fire like other wine barrel smokers.

  • Chef designed — the Wine Barrel Smoker's restaurant results have produced rave reviews from customers and professional peers for over 20 years.

actual customer comments
...amazing smoked pork chops - moist and unbelievable...

...the smoked salmon was like smoked lox, just fabulous...